Student Practical VideosAs an ITI (Industrial Training Institute) student, practical training is an essential part of your education. It allows you to apply the theoretical knowledge that you have learned in the classroom to real-world situations. In these video, an ITI student demonstrates the process of electrical wiring, including the tools and materials needed and Learning Practically. The video shows the student carefully stripping and connecting wires, and explaining each step of the process along the way.

Student Practical Videos

House Wiring Part First Project

सप्लाई चेन्ज ओवर के द्वारा अलग-अलग कमरों को सप्लाई देने की जानकारी

5 एचपी मोटर और 3 एचपी मोटर एमसीबी और चेंजओवर के द्वारा सप्लाई देने की जानकारी

Practical of Electric Iron Repairing Project

Facing Process on Lathe Machine

What is working of U.P.S. | Uninterruptible Power Supply

Study and Practical On Domestic Wiring System

Equipment in-built in domestic wiring used electric drilling and many tools

Domestic Wiring Project Two Room Complete Wiring

Study For Electric Iron Repairing And Thermostat Working

Three Phase Induction Motor

Study For Stabilizer And How To Repair Stabilizer

House Wiring Inverter kai Wire Kaise Dali Jaati Hai

Sealing Fan Practical

Manually Inserting The Coil in The Position of The Ceiling Fan